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This week we welcomed Wilda Wenger’s group of 15 from Dayton and Bridgewater Virginia to our Arcadia site.  It was very good to reconnect with this group.  Again, we spent time singing together. A second group of 25 from Lancaster, PA, led by Ezra Beiler, gathered at the Tri-City Baptist Church in Port Charlotte.

A lot of good work was done this week – building a wheelchair ramp, wiring a house, laying flooring, finishing drywall with an orange peel finish and painting, re-roofing three homes, and replacing windows and siding on another home. As our work progresses, homes and yards are transformed as debris is hauled away and spaces are cleaned.  Some marks of the flooding remain on screens and walls as a testament to the severity of the storm.  These are reminders of God’s grace that lives were saved and not lost in spite of the huge dangers.

We were able to complete the work Joe & Amber Scott’s home, which needed new windows, siding and drywall repairs.  Notes of blessing to the family were written on the Tyvek before the siding was put on.  Words of gratitude filled the window panes as the family responded to the volunteers. The home dedication was a beautiful emotional event.

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