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Eight young ladies from Shippensburg, Pennsylvania, along with their driver, arrived early Sunday evening. Two college-age young fellows from New York flew to Sarasota and then rented a U-Haul van to drive to Arcadia. Because they were only 19 years old, they were not permitted to drive a rental car. Ironically, driving a U-Haul was acceptable! Another volunteer from Lititz, Pennsylvania drove through the night Saturday and arrived early Sunday morning, ready to serve for two weeks. Two crew leaders, one from Pennsylvania and one from Oregon also came to help out this week.


Part of the crew installed a beam, finished the ceiling trim and painted at the Dennison home. MDS work at this home is now complete and the job card signed off. The group of volunteers at Lindsay’s home installed insulation and drywall. This group enjoyed visiting with Marcia, a cowgirl, who had plenty of stories to share. Some of the team worked at the Ramos home. They tore down the wall and ceiling paneling, then installed drywall, including mudding and taping. Volunteers began demolition work at Redding’s home. With weather in the mid-nineties and working without air conditioning to tear down old ceiling, this proved to be a difficult day for some. Still, one volunteer commented, “Tearing down the ceiling was one of the best days!” They also built the bathroom stud wall at Sonia’s home. Later in the week, volunteers began work at Ramiro’s home. They removed old flooring, began framing an outside wall and repaired deck flooring.


Many in the group said they learned new skills this week. One commented she appreciated the patience of the crew leaders, even when “we hit our afternoon slump or got the giggles!” Another mentioned she enjoyed tasting coconut juice from a green coconut their crew leader brought to the project site. Others enjoyed the opportunity to experience a different culture and were glad to help people who are in need. “Helping each other is part of Jesus’ teaching.”


Submitted by Josie Swartzentruber for the Arcadia, FL Team


Group Photo

On van, l-r: Anthony Baker, Ethan Swanander; van step in back l-r: Pauline Martin, Anna Mary Burkholder, Lorraine Nolt; standing l-r: Althea Martin, Miriam Weaver, Gregg Olson, Esther Newswanger, Elsie Burkholder, Marie Hoover, Emma Martin, Cathy Wismer, Alice Wolfgang, Ryan Sprunger, Josie Swartzentruber; front row kneeling: Bill Estes, Mark Epp, Ed Peachey, Matt Martin

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