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Photo of two volunteers working on siding at Westlake Bible Camp.Photo of two volunteers working on siding at Westlake Bible Camp.

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Port Isabel, TX

The Port Isabel area was hit with major storms in April/May 2023. The May storm produced a tornado that impacted 109 homes in Laguna Heights, a small unincorporated community nearby. One person was killed. Laguna Heights is mostly low-income, largely...


Typhoon Mawar made landfall on Guam as a Category 4-equivalent Super Typhoon on May 24, 2023, bringing hurricane force winds and heavy rain, becoming the strongest storm to affect the island since 2002...

Hardee Co, FL RV

Hurricane Ian struck Florida on September 27, 2022, as a Category 4 hurricane. With the wind speed of just short of a Category 5 storm, Hurricane Ian was the fifth most powerful storm to ever hit the country. This hurricane was the deadliest...

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