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A group of youth stand in front of a van.A group of youth stand in front of a van.

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Data from fiscal year 2022–23

Faith Meets Hope

Caring, compassionate service fulfills a Christian value for many volunteers, whose presence assures disaster survivors that they have not been forgotten. MDS serves homeowners who would not otherwise have the means to recover.

“I always wanted to get into helping now that I’ve retired. I had the opportunity to do that, I think this is one way God uses me to be his hands and his feet.”

Tom Fry, MDS volunteer from Gilbertsville, PA.

MDS volunteers encircled praying.
Photo of new homeowners at their home dedication.
Lasting Impact

Often the last to leave a disaster-affected community, MDS volunteers work to address unmet needs for the most vulnerable in the community. Homes built and repaired by MDS volunteers are constructed to withstand future disasters. In the process, homeowners often build long lasting relationships with the MDS volunteers who helped them recover and return home.

“Their insurance adjuster said that there was no reasonable expectation for that house to still be there. They were excited to meet some of the people responsible for this house that withstood the 150-mph winds and storm surge two feet higher than the floor.”

Carl Dube, long time volunteer project director

In 2020, Hurricane Laura crossed over homes MDS built after Hurricane Rita in 2005. Dube and others checked in with homeowners to see how the houses fared.

Quality Work, Quality Experiences

Disaster survivors return to a home repaired or rebuilt with skilled craftsmanship. Hardworking leadership volunteers are trained and equipped to provide weekly volunteers with a productive and rewarding service experience.

“When the Mennonites are showing up on the scene it means work’s gonna get done. I always enjoy their spirit and their willingness to try to accomplish any and every task and do it in a way that not only is professional but honors God with it.”

Hubert Yates, Mississippi Baptist Convention Director of Disaster Relief

describing MDS volunteer response to a tornado in his community.

Photo of volunteers replacing a shingles on a roof in Mariana, Florida.

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