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A full van of ten young Amish ladies, a chaperone couple and driver couple, all from Indiana, arrived Sunday evening in Arcadia, ready to apply their skills where needed.

Some of the crew installed trim, did texture mudding and painting on the ceilings and cleaned Marcia’s home. The girls were happy to learn the new skill of texture mudding! Both Marcia and the entire crew enjoyed the evening when the girls visited and sang songs for her. The work at Marcia’s house is complete and job card signed off.

At Ramiro’s house, some of the team added sheetrock to the outside wall that had been framed last week. They mudded, sanded and painted the wall. They installed a window and added siding to the outside of the wall. They put down sub flooring and installed vinyl flooring.

The team worked on drywall finishing and painting, including texture mudding at Valentina’s home. They installed a window jamb and painted the door jamb. They put Luan on the floor and installed flooring. Valentina was so grateful for the team’s work she supplied lunch for them one day! This team often worked at Sonia’s house also. It was convenient as it was just across the street from Valentina’s house. They prepared the bathroom floor for new flooring and did mudding, taping, sanding and painting in three rooms. Sonia enjoyed the song the girls sang for her, and later the girls heard Sonia singing the same song.

One day a group installed insulation at Carole’s house in Wauchula. Another volunteer installed a new door on Susan’s mobile home. She was delighted that now she could once again lock her door.

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