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Homeowners standing in front of their house in the process of being built.Homeowners standing in front of their house in the process of being built.

About MDS

At MDS, our goal is to restore hope for survivors of disasters. We do this by recruiting, organizing and empowering volunteers to repair and rebuild the homes of those impacted by disasters in Canada and the U.S.

MDS volunteers encircled praying.
Our Mission

Mennonite Disaster Service is a volunteer network of Anabaptist churches that responds in Christian love to those affected by disasters in Canada and the United States. While the main focus is on clean up, repair and rebuilding homes, this service touches lives and nurtures hope, faith and wholeness.

Our Vision

To inspire and equip every Anabaptist congregation to respond in Christian love with volunteers to those affected by disaster.

Who can serve with MDS?

We welcome all who share our values and who want to make a difference in the lives of those impacted by disasters. No construction experience or skill is required; just a willing heart and hands. Learn more about volunteering with MDS.

Our Core Values


As members of Anabaptist churches, we believe in and practice a life of service and proclamation founded on the Bible and modeled after the life and teachings of Jesus Christ.


We welcome all who are in our churches and others who share our values to join Christian service opportunities through volunteering, praying and giving.


We practice servant leadership, compassion and cultural sensitivity with fellow volunteers, constituents and those we serve.


We engage all people, partners and organizations with mutual respect, humility and accountability.


As God’s stewards, we strive to incorporate quality materials and workmanship, and environmental awareness in providing safe, affordable and sustainable housing.


We work in an ethical, honest, moral and legal manner.


We are guided by our MDS history of responding to disasters through grassroots volunteerism, binational mandate and mutual aid.

History of MDS

For generations of Mennonites and other Anabaptist groups, mutual aid has been an informal practice of expressing their faith in the day-to-day actions of caring for one another. Through spontaneous gestures of assistance, such as the well-known barn raising, the Anabaptists put their faith into action when fellow church members or neighbors faced calamity.

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The Mennonite Disaster Service (MDS) Board of Directors and Board of Delegates is a diverse group of leaders that serve as strategic advisors and work closely with the Executive Director to hold MDS accountable to its vision and mission.

Board of Directors

  • Wayne Yoder, Chair, Conservative Mennonite Conference
  • Judy Lopez*, Vice Chair, Mennonite Brethren
  • Frank Hoover*, Treasurer, Groffdale Conference
  • Henry Warkentin*, Secretary, MDS Canada Board Chair
  • Gerald Dyck, MDS Canada
  • Ronn Frantz, Region 2 Board Chair
  • Mannie Flaud, Old Order Amish
  • Vic Janzen, MDS Canada
  • Denis Keating, MDS Canada
  • Tim Schrag, Region 3 Board Chair
  • Phil Troyer, Region 1 Board Chair
  • Michele WhiteEagle, Region 4 Board Chair
  • Aaron Groff, Lancaster Mennonite Conference
  • *Officers of the Board

Board of Delegates

  • Robert Brenneman, New Order Amish
  • Murray Bunnett, MDS Canada
  • David Brubacher, MDS Canada
  • Margarita Bloodworth, Member-at-Large
  • Becca Cordes, Mennonite Church USA
  • Harold Friesen, MDS Canada
  • Wilmer Hoover, Weaverland Conference
  • Ivan Shirk, Member-at-Large
  • Karen Shelly Smucker, Member-at-Large
  • Elizabeth Troyer-Miller, Member-at-Large
  • Jerry Wyse, Member-at-Large
  • Paul Yoder, Beachy Amish
  • Fred Hershey, Member-at-Large
  • Don Rheinheimer, Member-at-Large
  • Sally Unrau, Member-at-Large
  • Dan Yoder, Member-at-Large