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Volunteer sorting rubbish.Volunteer sorting rubbish.

Ways to Volunteer with MDS

Photo of young volunteers building a wall for a home.
Weekly Volunteer

This is our most popular form of volunteering. You’ll serve as an individual, or with your church group, family or friends. Regardless of your construction skill level, there’s a place for you on a weekly volunteer team. You’ll help rebuild and repair homes damaged by disasters and get to know a new community at the same time.

Leadership Volunteer

This is your opportunity to delve deeper into service with MDS. You’ll be responsible for managing the daily operations of an MDS project, from setup to materials, from coordinating job cards to handling unexpected challenges and joys, becoming a Leadership Volunteer will not only change your life, but allow you to change the lives of the next generation of volunteers while impacting the lives of homeowners.

Two RV volunteers holding foot outside of their RV.
RV Volunteer

This 55+ crowd of close-knit volunteers gets a lot done and has fun at the same time! You bring your own RV to the project, and from there you help rebuild and repair homes for disaster survivors. RV Volunteers work together, pray together and play together, often staying in close contact for years after they serve together.

Volunteering Close to Home

In addition to larger projects that accept volunteers from across Canada and the U.S., MDS Units in the U.S. and Canada do smaller local projects that require volunteers for a day, a weekend or longer. There may be a project like that very close to where you live! For more information about Unit projects close to your home, contact Kelsey Friesen in Canada and Deanna Frey in the U.S.

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Partnership Home Program

Help build a house for a disaster survivor while staying closer to home. Our PHP projects invite volunteers to help with building walls in a parking lot. The walls are then transported and assembled at their final destination. These projects involve the partnership of churches or organizations, volunteers and disaster survivors.

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Summer Youth Program

Young people often say that serving with an MDS Summer Youth Program is a life-changing experience. Hands-on work combines with spiritual formation to have a deep impact on our budding generation of volunteers.

Family Program

The family that serves together…prays and stays together. Working with your family to help disaster survivors offers a bonding experience that often recurs in families generation after generation. Grandparents, children and grandchildren can swing a hammer side-by-side, truly appreciating each other while they help disaster-stricken communities.

Pastors to Projects

MDS welcomes constituent pastors and their spouses to serve at MDS projects and provides reimbursement for travel. This experience also brings pastors inspiration for sermons, mission, and fellowship to bring back to their home churches.