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The work is winding down here in Arcadia. We had no weekly volunteers. Still, it was a busy week for the six long-termers, who are closing the site here and preparing to move the project to Venice, Florida.


Several of the guys finished up the work at Valentina’s house. They installed vinyl flooring, baseboard and trim, as well as the mirror in the bathroom. The work at Sonia’s house is also complete. Jack and Eric finished installing the flooring, ceiling trim and light fixtures. Project director Mark and the homeowners signed off job cards on both houses. as well as for the homes of Ramiro, Susan and Patrick.


Since the project site in Arcadia will be closed at the end of this week, we spent a lot of time emptying out storage sheds, packing up MDS items and loading them onto the trailers and vehicles that will be going to the next project in Venice.


We celebrated Jack’s birthday a few days early. We enjoyed delicious chocolate brownies in his honor. Only two birthday candles, but we all figured out how old Jack really is! Last Saturday we had a fun time kayaking on a guided tour of the Peace River tributaries. We saw a manatee, a nesting great blue heron in the top of a tree and an osprey.



Submitted by Josie Swartzentruber for the Arcadia Team

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