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This week our mornings began with the lovely sound of hymns sung by our volunteers from Lancaster county, PA.  It was a meaningful way to do our devotions as we all joined in.

The crew of 11 young men and 4 women began rebuilding a home by setting trusses and sheeting the roof and exterior walls.  They worked with such zeal, the inspector had to come twice in one day!  Two of our homeowners joined our crew in the rebuilding work.  The weather was a little cooler and great for working outdoors.

Electrical work was done on one house and painting, plumbing and finishing work was done on another, to help the homeowner get back into her home as she has been evicted from her present accommodations. One of our volunteers was a professional cleaner and scrubbed our facilities to a shine. We were also able to re-screw the steel roof on the Pine Creek Chapel church building and Charley House, our weekly volunteers’ sleeping quarters. In all we completed 6 jobs.

The evenings were spent playing yard games and flag croquet.  With the time change last weekend, the longer evenings lent themselves to relaxing outdoor activities.

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