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Our teams this week were all from Pa. Ten of them were from Northern Pa. unit with their unit Chairman and his wife. This group included 2 couples, 2 brothers one of which had his 2 teenage daughters along. The other ten were from the Ephrate area of Pa.

Thanks to the Va. Boys of the week before that had 2 roofs ready to be shingled and these 2 roofs got completed this week. A new twist on roofing was added this week. Rolled roofing installed this week. It made for some blackened arm and dirty clothes. Of course, there again was drywalling done, one place was for a lady from Pine Creek Chapel our host church for the camp.

God was good to us again and granted us safety. All Praise to him.

Some evenings are cool but we have sunny afternoons up to 80’s

Summitted by Martha


Ray Z & Martha, J Ray & Mim, Steven & Kathy, Merilyn and David

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