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The 10 energetic young fellows from the Shippensburg, Pa area worked on tearing off and putting on roofs. One day the two groups had a contest to see which group was the fastest tearing off.

The Glenn C. group of 8 from around Mifflintown, PA and surrounding areas worked on getting the texture on the walls at Ms Brenda’s house getting closer to painting. She was one happy lady at PCC on Sunday. They also worked up at Zofol Springs getting more sanding done. There was one lady in the group who got some office training and helped around the camp two of the days to give her a break from sanding.

Some of us were a little jealous when one of the groups told us an ice cream truck stopped at their job site.

Friday after breakfast we said goodbye to Cathy & Steve as they needed to leave early for a family emergency. We pray for wisdom for the family and Dr who care for her brother.

Summitted by Martha,

Ray Z & Martha, J.Ray & Mim, Kathy & Steve, Merlyn & David


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