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What an enjoyable week we had making many happy clients. Thanks to Wilmer Martin getting a blended group of people from Northern Pa and some from the Lancaster area where his son and friends live. Six where from a Northern Pa high school Honor Society and their advisors. The student group worked under Wilmer, as a fill in crew leader, and put up insulation, hung drywall, taped, speckled and sanded. They interacted well with the children from the house and the boy accepted the invite to join them for breakfast one morning and Girl Scout cookies were bought from the girl.

Some of the group worked on roofs again and others installed some windows and doors, drywalled, taped, specked and sanded. The electrician did a lighting update at Pine Creek Chapel our host for the unit. PCC very much appreciates the things we help them with like, fixing the commode etc.

We thank and Praise God for meeting our needs from day to day and blessing us with good health and safety.

Summitted by Martha OM

Kathy and Steve, Mim & J Ray, Martha and Ray Z, Merlyn and David

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