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The long-term leaders, including the cooks, kept the project moving forward for the past two weeks. We did have several daily volunteers that were a very welcome help. We have a trasition in a couple of leadership positions. The Construction Supervisor and Head Cook who served the first 3 weeks of April had to get back to their home in Canada. We received to new leaders filling those spots for the last week of April. And an additional leader came in who will be concentrating on drywall installation, mudding, and taping.

We removed and replaced soffit under the portico at Pine Creek Chapel Mennonite Church, our base camp. The team completed one job site by installing the baseboard trim and caulking. Our mighty team of four leaders that were “North of 60” removed and replaced shingles on the shed of one of our very supportive parishioners of Pine Creek Chapel. A bathtub and doors were installed at another home. We continued drywall work on one of the other homes being repaired. And we spent some much-needed time organizing the tool trailers; and sorting out the items that belong to the New York Unit Trailer (that will be retrieved in May); and the Flood Trailer.

The highlights of the week were a group of young men who were in the area to celebrate their grandmother’s 90-something birthday, but took the time to volunteer with us for a day. Another highlight was being introduced to a local man who will be volunteering with us as his job allows. He invited us to have dinner with his family. We thoroughly enjoyed meeting his family and wondering around his homestead. We reciprocated the following week by having them over to base camp for a wonderful lasagna dinner. Lots of laughter, 4 young children to interact with, and delightful fellowship!

We are very appreciative for some “last minute” volunteers from PA coming for the final week of April.  We plan to have a couple of roofing teams and another team to get some drywall, mudding, taping and painting done.

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