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Our long-term team this week included Rollie Ulrich, Project Director from Indiana, Ryan Sprunger, Construction Supervisor from Indiana, Tina Miller, Cook from Indiana, Leo & Mim Martin, Crew Leader and Assistant Cook from Pennsylvania, Lester Fisher, Crew Leader, from Pennsylvania and Josie Swartzentruber, Office Manager from Ohio. We were happy that Roger Stauffer brought a group of five young men (Cedric, Dustyn, Jadon, Jordon and Travis) from Pennsylvania for the week. Don Rheinheimer, from Arizona, joined us as well.

Another great crew! Originally expecting to work in Kentucky, this group traveled instead to Okanogan, Washington. God confirmed this change in their plans by working out their ticket purchases within their budget. The group installed siding on two houses. Leo and Don completed the electrical wiring at both houses, as well. Ready for the electrical inspector! While the crew was working at Christy Allen’s house, she came to see them and express her thanks to them. They signed her book. She wants to have all volunteers’ names listed in her book! This crew also enjoyed the opportunity to interact and visit with another survivor while they were working on his house. The beautiful scenery and snowy landscapes enhanced the volunteers’ working experience. The sunshine was great and temperatures warmed up during the week, reaching into the 40’s by Friday afternoon. Although wonderful for the volunteers who were working mostly outside, the warm weather is creating a muddy mess from the melting snow.

Wednesday evening, the lay pastor at the Methodist Church where we are staying, joined us for the evening meal. A native American, he enthralled us with his stories of native American history and folklore.

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