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We had another very productive week with our new volunteers. It still has been hotter than usual here in southeast Texas, so the locals tell us, as the temperatures were in the 90’s all week.  The volunteers have been taking a lot of water breaks, and continued to make great progress.  In the Malibu house Trish and Cecile finished painting all the interior trim, and Trish did all the caulking where needed throughout the house.  Ev and Martha finished installing all the flooring and installed the interior doors.  They also installed most of the interior trim with the help of Mark.  Dave and Marian finished building the porch railing.  Peter and Les installed the kitchen counter and shelves.  Mark and Les installed the bathroom cabinet and shelves and Mark also worked on the electrical in the bathroom.

Our volunteers were able to begin working in an additional house this week as the work at Malibu Dr. will soon be finished.  This new job is on Stumpy Lane where we are finishing the inside and outside of an addition that had been built on to this very small home. Since the sheetrock was already installed, Dave, Marian, Pete and Mark succeeded on taping and mudding.  Finally, our very small tool trailer was jammed so full that it was hard to find needed tools and supplies at times, so it was reorganized by Peter.

We also had fun getting to know each other this week.  Thursday was Dave and Marian’s 49th wedding anniversary, so we all went out to Reyna’s Bar-B-Q for dinner. On Saturday Dave and Marian, Ev and Bev and Mark and Martha enjoyed attending the Rio Grande Valley Livestock Show and Rodeo.  On Sunday we all went to church at the Church of the Living Word and then out to lunch at Lin’s Grand Buffet in Weslaco.  We also spent many evenings playing games.  We truly enjoyed our work and play this week!

Blessings from Loretta, Office Manager for the McAllen RV Project and Peter; Mark and Martha; Ev and Bev; Cecile and Les; Dave and  Marian,  and Trish

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