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As is always on any MDS project, our last week at McAllen TX RV is bittersweet. We are so happy to have given, through Christ, so many people a completed house to live in and in turn the gift of hope, but so sad to be leaving all the wonderful people we have met along the way.  The repairs and the addition to the #17 Stumpy Lane house were completed and the finishing of the #18 Gene St. house was almost done.

Ev, Mark, Dave, Marion and Cecile worked to complete the #17 Stumpy Lane house.  Cecile painted the hallway and kitchen, Dave and Marian installed the bathroom door, Ev and Mark installed the flooring in the kitchen and everyone helped with the kitchen cabinet replacement. Ceiling light fans were installed as was the hardware on the doors.  Finally, the kitchen cabinets and countertop were installed which completed a beautiful new kitchen.  We even had time for an informal house blessing with the family of 5.

In the #18 Gene St. house, Les painted interior doors, Trish caulked all the trim, Pete and Martha built the kitchen countertop extension and installed the window casings.  The baseboard was also installed.

Before our team had to part company, we even had one more chance to go out to eat together.  We enjoyed a 30-inch pizza at Formaccio’s in Mercedes.  Delicious!

So, we close the project in southeast Texas feeling the blessings of the Lord; thanking Him for giving us all the strength and knowledge to be his hands and feet in helping many families live a normal life again after a disaster had adversely affected their lives in so many ways.

Blessings from Loretta, Office Manager for the McAllen RV TX Project and Peter; Mark and Martha; Ev and Bev; Cecile and Les; Dave and Marian; and Trish

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