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What a busy week we had!   Finishing the #16 Malibu Dr. house this week was quite exciting.  Martha, Les, Cecile, Ev and Trish worked there installing baseboards and blinds and doing the final cleaning.   The homeowner has 4 children who were around all week as they were on Spring Break. The children loved drawing pictures and visiting with us, so we got to know them quite well.  The homeowner mentioned that the children liked to play with the small leftover pieces of wood and wanted us to save them for the children, but we did something even better.  We sanded the different shapes of scrap wood into building blocks and gave them to the children at the house blessing.  They loved the blocks and started playing and building right away!   The house blessing was beautiful and moving.  Afterwards, the family served us all a meal of meat, rice, soup, fruit, and of course, cupcakes!  It was surely a joyous occasion!

            While the Malibu Dr. house was being finished, Dave and Marian continued working on mudding and taping the #17 Stumpy Lane house.  In addition to that, Mark and Cecile sanded and Ev, Mark and Les framed in some doors. Trish, Cecile and Martha painted the exterior of the house where it was needed and Peter, Ev and Les installed fascia. But that’s not all!  Cecile was able to begin priming the walls and Trish painted and prepared trim for installation.

            Of course, we have to have our team building and social time!  Wednesday was Marian’s birthday so we all went out to Rudy’s Bar B Q for dinner and then returned back to the RV park for the cupcakes Client #17 at Stumpy Lane had given Marian for her birthday.  On Friday we went to La Posada for a tour.  Some of us had seen it in February and in 4 weeks a lot of progress was made.  It was an actual enclosed building with painted rooms, doors and windows!  Beautiful.  Following our tour, we ventured to Peter Piper Pizza for its lunch buffet.

            Finally, on Sunday we all attended the First Methodist Church of Weslaco which is the location where the La Posada MDS/DAO people were staying.  We then took in some of the local flair by having lunch together at Nana’s Taqueria.  Another fun, successful week was had by all!

Blessings from Loretta, Office Manager for the McAllen RV Project and Peter; Mark and Martha; Ev and Bev; Cecile and Les; Dave and Marian, and Trish

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