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Welcome to sunny South Texas!  Our group of 11 RVers arrived here on Wednesday through Saturday, January 4-7.  Those who arrived by Thursday immediately began work on the brand new, but unfinished, office trailer.  We started with laying flooring which was completed in time to celebrate Millie’s birthday on Saturday evening.  Our group is led by Project Director, Fred & Millie from Alabama; other members include Ed & Ruth (Office Manager) from Kansas; Jim & Eleanor from Ontario, Canada; Fred from Virginia; Lynn & Val from Indiana; and Paul & Sarah from Maryland.  Many of us have served together before and we enjoyed catching up!  It is good to have first-time MDS RVers, Jim and Eleanor, with us.

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, Lynn and Ed continued work on the Office Trailer – planning, purchasing supplies and installing electrical and plumbing for a laundry sink, washer & dryer and toilet.  Ruth set up the office and worked from her RV until the dust settled in the Office Trailer!  The rest of the group began work on House #16 on the Jam Square home – taping and mudding drywall, cutting and painting trim boards.  On Thursday, Lynn joined the group to check on plumbing supplies – Ed and Ruth moved the office equipment and boxes from their RV into the Office Trailer.  On Saturday, Lynn, Ed and Fred installed the washer and dryer.  It feels good to finally get settled.  We all enjoyed Sunday as a day of rest and relaxation!

We are thankful for warm sunshine, a great spirit of working together and the enjoyment of preparing the home on Jam Square for a family to move into and feel good about finally getting settled!

Ruth for the McAllen RV project – Fred, Millie, Jim, Eleanor, Fred, Lynn, Val, Paul, Sarah & Ed

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