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We welcomed three couples this past weekend, as they joined our RV group – Peter and Loretta from NY; Mark and Martha from PA; and, Everett and Bev from MI.  They each had some delays due to weather conditions, but arrived safely and ready to enjoy our warm weather.  We look forward to a great month of working together.

We continued work at the #15 Citation Dr. house – sanding, painting, electrical work, installation of jambs, interior trim, and porch railings – flooring was started on Thursday.  The homeowner has blessed us every day with platters of a variety of fruits and tamales.

Three of our volunteers began working at the #16 Malibu Dr. house on Tuesday.  They installed a sewer line from the house to the city line, connected the water lines to the house, and finished up some details on the drywall.  Then they began work on everyone’s “favorite” job – taping and mudding.  Great progress has been made this week on both houses.

On Sunday, we joined the Cowboy Church in Santa Rosa for their worship service.  We were greeted by a welcoming committee of dogs as we got out of the van, and then walked by pens of goats, llamas, alpacas, pigs and peacocks (cattle and horses grazed in the pastures) to enter their worship center.  We heard an inspiring message from the book of James – food for thought as we were challenged to be mindful of the words that come from our mouths!

Ruth for the McAllen RV project – Fred, Millie, Lynn, Val, Paul, Sarah, Ed, Peter, Loretta, Mark, Martha, Ev and Bev

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