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We have had a lot of excitement in Marianna this past week.  Wildfires were raging just south of us, tornado warnings at 5:00 a.m. with an excursion to the Evangel Church Activity Center for safety, and then much-needed rainfall.   We could have done without the windy conditions which brought the smoke and ash to our city.  In spite of all the weather-related activity, we were able to make good progress on getting clients back into their homes.

Job #4 – After many attempts and numerous bee stings, four of our brave men, Fred, Steve, Ev and Ed, finished installing the siding on the exterior of this house on Tuesday.  Earlier, Fred’s team had torn off a deck at this home and replaced it with a roofed deck – the home owners are delighted with the new addition to their home and are using it daily.

Job #5 –This job has been on hold for a while because the kitchen cabinets had not arrived.  The cabinets finally were delivered and Ev and Ed have worked to get them installed.  Countertop was installed on Thursday and this job should be finished on Monday.

Job #9 – Due to illness and the homeowners being out-of-town, Ray’s team worked only one day this week at this home.  They continued with painting and flooring. 

Job #10 – Members of Ray’s team, Ed, Sherry, Paul, Sarah, Mim, Peter, Andy and Maureen, hung drywall in the kitchen and dining room, and continued building the deck and stairs.

Job #11 – Dwight, Trella, Steve, Trish, Pam, Millie and Fred worked at this new job all week.  They replaced an exterior wall on the Florida room, installed electrical circuits, patched and painted in the living room and hallway.  They began insulating and hanging drywall on Tuesday.  The homeowner is a stay-at-home dad and he is very impressed with the abilities of our lady team members!

Thursday evening the team went to Milk and Honey for frozen yogurt to celebrate Andy and Maureen’s time with us.  On Sunday afternoon, a number of our volunteers played Kubb, a yard game – the rest of us cheered them on.  Ken and Suetta from Michigan arrived this weekend to join our group.  Following their orientation on Sunday evening, we had popcorn, apples, brownies and good fellowship around a campfire.  

Submitted by Ruth for the Entire Team

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