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Spring is in the air – very warm (80’s) air this week!   The new volunteers who arrived over the weekend are getting acclimated to our worksites.  We had another house blessing and are thankful that we helped a mother and her family have a more secure place to live.  One of the homeowner’s gave us a bucket of fish and Fred, Ray and Mim each took a turn at fileting a fish. You never know in what form a blessing will come! 

Job #7 –Fred’s team finished work on this home; sanding, painting, completing flooring, hanging doors and towel bars.  On Thursday noon, we held a house blessing with mom, three children and grandpa present.  They are excited to have the renovated space to live in.  Hope restored!

Job #8 – Work at this site was finished this week by Ev, Trish and Millie.  They installed new flooring and trim in the living room, kitchen, hallway and a closet.  New lights were installed as well.

Job #9 – Ray’s team continued with cleaning, painting, drywall finishing and flooring.  The laundry room was finished and the freezer was moved back in place.

Thursday evening the team enjoyed a pulled pork and smoked turkey dinner from Sonny’s BBQ with all the trimmings.  Ray’s team was given a cabbage by the homeowner and they contributed coleslaw.  Bev and Loretta made desserts and a great time was had by all!  

Several members of our team went kayaking, others traveled south to the beach and two traveled to their home to plant their garden.  We all enjoyed a relaxing weekend, while being very aware of the dark smoke clouds overhead that were a result of the wildfires burning in neighboring counties.  Many people have been evacuated and several homes have been lost.  We pray for our neighbors, as once again, disaster strikes the Florida panhandle.  

 Submitted by Ruth for the Entire Team

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