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Welcome to warm, sunny Florida!  Actually, we have experienced very cool (cold!) temperatures, lots of rain and very windy weather on Saturday night.  We are looking forward to the warm, sunny Florida weather!

Our first week here has been a good week.  Many of us arrived at the beginning of the previous weekend in order to avoid driving through bad weather.  One couple was delayed due to water pipe issues at home and arrived on Friday, the 14th.  

This RV site has some different aspects from most RV sites.  We have two Project Directors, Fred & Millie (Alabama) and Ray & Mim (Pennsylvania), and one Office Manager, Ruth & Ed (Kansas).  We have a total of 11 RV’s of various shapes and sizes!  The other group members include: Fred, Dwight & Trella (Virginia), Charles & Susan (Kansas), Lynn & Val (Indiana), Ted & Gayle (Minnesota), Lynn & Darlene (Colorado), Mark & Martha, and Steve & Pam (Pennsylvania).   The group is divided into two teams, and they work under the guidance of the Project Directors. 

Fred’s team is working at Job #1 – the homeowner’s have lived in a RV trailer since their home was destroyed by Hurricane Michael.   They have moved a doublewide onto their property and it needs repair before they can move into it.  The team has painted all the ceilings and walls, set a toilet, did floor and electrical repair, and have most of the new laminate floor installed. They have also built new front steps.  The homeowner gave us a large pail of peanuts in the shell and several large bags of shelled, raw peanuts.  Several of the ladies tried different ways of roasting, frying and seasoning the peanuts.  They were all very good.

Ray’s team is working at Job #2 – the homeowner is living in half of the home while our volunteers repair the other part.  They have installed insulation and drywall and started the drywall finishing process; did repair on the floor, fixed plumbing and electrical issues.  They also installed a front door.

On Thursday evening, Charles and Susan generously provided pizza for our evening meal.  We all appreciated having food to eat without having to prepare it!  On Friday evening, we roasted hot dogs around a fire and observed the Space Station traveling over us!  It was too cold and windy to sit outside and visit on Saturday and Sunday, but look forward to enjoying that opportunity in the near future!

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