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We are STILL waiting to experience warm, sunny Florida!  It continues to be cold in the mornings; with rainy, cloudy days.  Many of us would like to drive to the coast, but are waiting for warmer days!

On Monday, four members of Fred’s team worked at Job #1 – continuing with installing flooring and painting.  They hung doors and installed wall base trim and door stops.  On Tuesday, the entire team worked at Job #1 and completed all the remaining tasks.  At the end of the work day, they had a time of sharing with the home owners and presented them with a daily devotional book and a decorative wreath.  Two members of the team – Dwight and Pam – gave them items they had made – a wooden cutting board and a prayer shawl.

Seven members of Fred’s team continued work at Job #4 on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday – building a 10’ x 20’ deck on the front of the house.  They also built new steps for the deck.  On Wednesday and Thursday, members of Fred’s team began work on Job #5 – painting ceilings and walls and installing flooring.  

Most of Ray’s team continued working at Job #2 – They did drywall finishing, sanding, painting, trim work and flooring.  

Four members of Ray’s team worked at Job #3.  They hung a bathroom door, worked on framing and drywall.  After several day’s work, the drain in the tub is finally functioning properly. 

On Tuesday evening, Dwight presented an evening of “Some Basics of Science and Medicine”.  We all enjoyed the lemonade pie that he and Trella made.  On Thursday evening, we had a pizza and salad meal together to say farewell to Charles & Susan, Lynn & Darlene, Ted & Gayle, Fred (who will leave next Friday) and Ron from Texas, who spent this week with us as a weekly volunteer.

On Friday, we welcomed Jim & Naomi from Pennsylvania; Rod & Kathy from Indiana arrived on Sunday afternoon.  Sunday evening, they met for orientation and then the rest of the teams gathered to meet them and enjoy ice cream sundaes.  

Submitted by Ruth for the Entire Team

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