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We are still waiting to experience warm, sunny Florida!  It has been very cold in the mornings; only one afternoon was warm and sunny.  We had a lot of rain on Thursday afternoon and evening, and below freezing temperatures two nights.  We will be patient; eventually, it will be warm and sunny, and we will wish for cooler working days!

Fred’s team worked at Job #1 on Monday– continuing with installing flooring and painting.  They cleaned windows and doors and installed wall base trim and outside lighting.  Lynn installed plumbing for the dishwasher.  On Tuesday, only seven members of the group continued at Job #1, working to finish the previous tasks.  Wednesday, the group became even smaller, with five members working on the home.

On Tuesday the rest of Fred’s team began work on Job #4 – taking down a 10’ x 40’ deck on the front of the house and loading it in a dumpster.  On Wednesday, several of the ladies joined them and painted the living room ceiling.  Work continued on the deck area, with pouring concrete pads for a new deck.  Thursday, the painting on the ceilings was finished, plumbing repaired and a fence installed on the front of the house.

Ray’s team continued working at Job #2 – They continued with drywall hanging and finishing; started work on the entrance deck and stairs, and did plumbing repair and trim painting.  They finished the deck on Tuesday and connected the kitchen sink.  On Wednesday and Thursday, several members of the team moved to another job and the group remaining at Job #2 did window glass repair, plumbing, drywall finishing and trim work. 

Wednesday and Thursday, members of Ray’s team began work at Job #3.  They worked on framing in the bathroom and installing a new tub drain. 

On Tuesday evening, Dwight presented an evening of “Fun with Numbers”.  He illustrated many interesting fun facts with numbers.  Some of us were intrigued, some of us were surprised, and a few understood it all!!!  It was a fun social evening!

Thursday morning, Fred and Millie left to attend the MDS Annual Celebration in Sarasota.  Upon their return on Sunday evening, we gathered for popcorn and apple slices, and Fred shared highlights from the meetings.


Submitted by Ruth for the Entire Team

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