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A family of six from Manitoba — Dave and Anna Wiebe, their daughter Rhonda and her husband Todd Forbes, and daughters Lorissa and Teagan — arrived on April 26 for a five-week term. Henry and Elizabeth Warkentin left for their home in Alberta on April 27, leaving Dave and Anna with the use of their camper. The Wiebes brought their camper which is now home to the Forbes family. The weekly volunteers for this week — Shirley Cooke, Duane Barg, Heinz Duck, Mark Rempel, Ray Rempel, and Ben Wall — were accommodated in the three rectory bedrooms. 


On Monday the drywall was installed on all outer crawl space walls. Then six-by-six posts went in to support the laminated floor beam. By the end of the first day, 75% of the floor joists were in place and blocking installed. Screwing the dimple board on the outside of the four-foot crawl space was completed. 


Tuesday, the floor joists, bridging and blocking were completed, and the floor sheathing was glued and nailed down. One exterior wall was framed and sheathed. 


Wednesday, two more walls were built and three standing, sheathed by the end of the day.  


Thursday, all four exterior walls were up and sheathed, the front porch posts installed and framing of the interior walls was started. A couple of loads of fill were brought in and leveled around the house. 


Friday, the front scaffold base/support was built. All the interior walls were framed, standing in place, plumbed and braced, ready for trusses on Monday. 


We all felt great about the progress at Owen and Patsy’s new build. Shirley kept us well fed and her menu had us all looking forward to the next meal.   


The weather went from cold and windy to almost hot at the end of the week. 


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