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Sunday: Pim and Mary-Ann Van Oeveren (cook) arrived from Salmon Arm, B.C. Mark and Jonathan arrived in time for orientation and ice cream. 

Monday: Lunches, breakfast, devotions, job assignments and off to work! Mary-Ann and Sandra braved a strong wind to check on the house. On our way back, we watched the ferry below for a bit, then dropped in at a community hall coffee to say “hello” to about 15 seniors and the mayor Denise. We had some lovely chats with Denise, Noni and Ernie. Sandra played a few songs on the piano. It was surprisingly “on tune.” Some of the seniors sang along. They invited us to come back again next week. 

The sheet metal subtrade was finished. Mark, Dennis and Pim worked on painting and siding.  Harold and Jonathan put in venting for the bathroom, kitchen and dryer. 

Tuesday: Delbert and Yolanda Wiebe insulated the house, Connie painted and cut Hardie trim pieces while Harold installed them on corners and doors. Pim and Dennis worked on siding. Jonathan framed a wall between the closet and laundry. Mark and Dennis left after work. 

Wednesday: More painting for Connie. Harold, Pim and Jonathan pushed to keep up with painted siding installation; Connie just never stops! Mary Ann suggested bringing the volunteers leftover lasagna for a hot lunch. It was a nice distraction from the chilly wind and rain we were experiencing. 

Thursday: The weather changed overnight. Warm temperatures have begun! The building inspector passed the insulation and sheet metal mid-morning. Harold and Pim appreciated Jonathan’s strength and stamina as drywall was lifted and screwed into place. The ceilings were done by the end of the day with the windows and doors open, providing a welcome cool breeze. 

Friday: Harold, Pim and Jonathan boarded all day; 90% of the drywall is complete. Again, the doors and windows were open! And the afternoon ice cream treat was a highlight. 

It has been a pleasure to have Owen, the homeowner, on site helping with ceiling drywall, leveling gravel and preparing doorways for concrete and steps. He works hard. It’s a bonus when a homeowner comes and works alongside us. We appreciated getting to know him better as he joined us for coffee breaks and lunches.   

Mary-Ann fed us well this week! Jonathan headed home for the weekend. We have made new friends and saw wonderful progress on the house this week. 

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