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We are off to a good start; we thought we were off to a good start!!

Gordon and Maria Martens arrived Saturday afternoon, hoping to rest up from their two days of travel. Sadly, Sunday afternoon they received news that a close relative had passed away that morning. They made the tough choice to leave Thursday morning to attend the funeral in Ontario, another long journey, this time with heavy hearts.

Cornelius Goertzen from Smythers arrived, mudding tools in tow. Mark and Jonathan arrived Sunday night as well. After a good breakfast and devotions, the volunteers were off. Otto and Ben, from Abbotsford, joined them at the job.

Cornelius, on his stilts, gave the full house a first coat of mud. Otto and Ben worked on exterior trim while Gordon and Mark painted trim amidst the wind. Harold, Jonathan and Owen formed concrete pads for the steps. Mark put in a second shift that day — cutting hay.

Maria and Sandra joined the community seniors for coffee. We met Jannik, from Germany, taking a wifi break. Who knew he’d end up in Lytton while cycling around the world. We offered him the use of our facilities. Hearing about MDS; he asked, “Can I help?” He set up a tent, appreciated a long hot shower and Maria’s home-cooked meals. He ended up working with our volunteers for two days. Who knew he would hear about MDS in Lytton.

By Thursday, the house was looking amazing. Gordon, Jannik, and Jonathan had completed the metal facia on the exterior while bracing strong winds. Otto and Ben completed the siding and trim. Owen, Harold and Mark worked on raking three loads of gravel into place. Connie showed up and worked with Cornelius on priming the entire inside of the house.

Friday was another windy day! Cornelius headed home after four heavy days of taping and priming. Connie did what she does best — got to work in full swing! Paint, paint, paint; by the end of the day, the walls and ceilings had two coats of paint. Concrete came first thing in the morning. Harold and Jonathan battled wind and heat while pouring concrete. The steps are done, a nice finishing touch.

Here we are, at the end of the week. Sandra took over cooking duties from Maria. We enjoyed a delicious supper, and half the crew went home.

Can anyone remember an MDS house being completely taped and painted in five days or boarded, taped and painted in seven workdays?

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