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This has been an exciting week. A new volunteer, Jonathan Rempel, and some returning volunteers, Gerald, Mark, Connie, Ben and Otto, came to help the long-term volunteers Todd, Rhonda and Dave with the next stage of the house.   

The ridge vent and cap installation were completed, joist hangers were installed in crawl space, and two sets of stairs were built for easier access to enter the house at two exterior doors. The Hardie shake siding was started and finished on the front gable end and completed with two coats of dark green paint. The installation of soffit under the overhang around the house was started and completed. The attic access ladder was installed in a bedroom ceiling and the buildup for insulation was completed.   

The 2” of Roxul insulation installation was started on the outside of the house while some siding was painted in the house (same color as the gable end). After the strapping was put on, they started installing the painted siding, while some siding and trim was still being painted.  

So, it was almost assembly style work, where 4 jobs are going on simultaneously: installation of Roxul, strapping and painting of siding and trim, and installation of painted siding.  

 All the ridged exterior insulation was installed by Friday. Painting and installation of the Hardie board and baton siding to be completed next week. 

The plumbing and radon stacks are finished through the roof. 

The next Project Director/Office Manager couple, Harold and Sandra Friesen from Alberta, arrived on Wednesday to relieve Dave and Anna Wiebe at the end of the week. We also had the homeowner couple Owen and Patsy over for supper the same night. Judy did an excellent job of preparing a wonderful meal for 17 people. It was a cozy dining experience. 

As the outgoing volunteers get ready to leave, they wish the incoming crew an enjoyable time of service, fellowship and great weather! 

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