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The words for this week at the Hardee County RV site are WARMER WEATHER HAS ARRIVED!  We are enjoying the beautiful weather – enjoying it so much that when most of us turned on our RV’s A/C, we blew a fuse on the transformer pole!  The response of the electric company was outstanding – they installed a larger transformer and had electricity back on in about an hour!

This week our volunteers worked at three different locations.  At the Grape Street home – they installed drywall, taped, mudded, and sanded to prepare for painting, installed corner bead and began work on installation of the front door.  A second group of volunteers worked at the Tangerine St. home – walls and ceiling were prepared for a contractor to tape and float the ceiling and walls.  A third crew of volunteers installed drywall at the Myrtle Street home.  This house was also prepared for a contractor to tape and float.

On Thursday evening, we had a carry-in supper of comfort foods – mac and cheese with hot dogs on the side, BBQ sandwiches, green beans, corn pudding, and fruit.  We ended with homemade butter pecan ice cream.  It was an enjoyable evening, eating together outside in the pavilion.

We, again, worshipped with the Northside Baptist Church in Wauchula on Sunday.  Most of us spent the afternoon relaxing and watching football!

Ruth for the Hardee Co RV team – Fred, Millie, Ray, Mim, Ed, Jim, Eleanor, Dave, and Trish

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