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The Hardee Co RV Team is a hard-working team!  They are making great progress on the Lee St House.  The week’s work consisted of exterior painting and interior drywall.  The drywallers/sanders think the painters had the better job!  By the end of week the painting on the exterior walls was finished, and several rooms inside are ready for painting to begin on Monday.  It won’t take long for the rest of the rooms to get there and then it’s all hands-on deck with the painting!

On Tuesday we had visitors.  A couple who are visiting friends in Florida came by to see what work on a RV site is like as they are considering signing on for the RV Volunteer program.  It was a delightful visit, and we all gave enthusiastic reports on the value of being part of this program!

The team works hard, and also loves socializing together!  Thursday evening we enjoyed pie and ice cream to help celebrate a 70th birthday.  While 2 of our couples left camp over the weekend to visit friends/family in the area, the rest of the team enjoyed a great day together on Saturday.  We spent the morning in Lake Placid taking in the farmer’s market as well as several shops and the 47 murals on buildings in town.  After lunch, we had a very relaxing, very pleasant afternoon enjoying the lovely setting of Ray and Mim Heisey’s backyard at Sebring.  To end the day, we enjoyed a barbecue supper.

Sherry for the Hardee Co RV Team:  Ray, Mim, Ed, Ray, Darlene, Dave, Karen, Rich, Ruby, Rex, Barb, Sieg, Elenore.

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