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We welcomed Karen Olson back to the jobsite this week, even with her broken arm in a splint and sling! Karen was not at the jobsite all the time, but when she was there, she relayed text messages and provided moral support for the rest of the team. Lee and Kathy Gregory were out of town, so there were eight or nine (depending on whether Karen was there) at the jobsites this week.  The week’s work was a combination of working on the new build and working on the house being repaired a few blocks away.  

On the new build, the Gutierrez home, the soffits and fascia were put on, and seal coat applied to window and door openings. When the soffits and fascia were on, most of the team went back to the Snelling house, and Steve and Cindy Sanderson stayed at the new build to apply the seal coat. At the Snelling home, the subfloor was put down and the wall that had been removed was built back.  Furring was added to the block walls, and catchers, to make sure the ceiling is level when it goes in. At another new build, the Gaona home has the walls up, and the trusses have been delivered, so they will be put on next week.   

In addition to construction work, the group has sought to form meaningful ties with the community. One day, some of the team went to Wauchula Methodist Church to help unload a food delivery for their community food pantry. Wednesday, we attended their Wednesday night supper for the community.  One evening, a county commissioner stopped by the RV park to thank us for what we are doing for the community. The Gregorys returned Saturday, and most of the group went to the Wauchula Christmas Parade. We were happy to see that Jamie Samuels, director of Send Me Missions and head of the long-term recovery group, was Grand Marshall!  

Meanwhile, back at the campground, on Tuesday, Sarah the office manager gave a hand to the park manager, Andrew.  There was a room full of sound equipment at the pavilion near our campsites. The equipment was sold on E-bay, and when the new owner arrived, the job of loading the equipment onto the rental truck was more than he had anticipated. Andrew saw Sarah and asked if any of the team was around that could help, so Sarah went over and helped Andrew and the new equipment owner load the rental truck. Since Andrew has often gone beyond his duties, even working on his off days, to make sure we received our packages and that our trash was picked up, it was good that we could help him in return.  

Mitch & Ann, Cindy & Steve S., Lee & Kathy, Steve & Cindy D., Karen & Dave, Paul & Sarah 

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