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This was a very productive week for the team, but also a very challenging week.  The tub and surround were completed, so that finishes the work done on that home! It was not a quick installation, as the first tub surround was the wrong size. Once that was exchanged, the job could be finished, and it was. 

Most of the team worked on the other home. They applied drywall backing, leveled the kitchen ceiling firring strips, removed the bathroom ceiling, removed a kitchen wall panel, and prepped for the plumbing to be done.  Of course, with the removal of the bathroom ceiling, as well as the other jobs,  went lots of cleanup. 

We had a good bit of rain Wednesday and Thursday, so the team took off Thursday, and worked Friday instead, to be able to put up the trusses on the new build. The team cleaned the site of the new build in preparation. With the help of three men from the Arcadia Project, the trusses were put up. 

Thursday morning, the team went out for breakfast to wish Andy and Maureen Hudak, “Until Next Time,” and we gave them the white handkerchief (and napkin!) send-off from the restaurant parking lot.   

Friday morning, as Karen Olson was entering the office trailer, the stairs tipped, her arm was caught between the handrail and the trailer and was broken.  Her husband Dave took her to Advent Health Hospital in Wauchula, and later she was transferred by ambulance to Advent Health in Sebring to await surgery.  Surgery will take place Tuesday and will involve pins and a metal plate.  Karen is spending the interim before surgery in the hospital, so that they can regulate pain medication. The rest of the team has been very supportive and has prayed and is continuing to pray for Karen and Dave. 

Saturday, we welcomed Steve and Cindy Sanderson to the team!  We are thankful that everyone has arrived safely in Zolfo Springs, and that the Hudaks are safely home in Ohio after a few days’ travel. 

Happy Thanksgiving! 

Mitch & Ann, Karen & Dave, Steve & Cindy D., Steve & Cindy S., Andy & Maureen, Kathy & Lee, Paul & Sarah 

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