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The March team has gotten well acquainted and is enjoying not only working together during the day, but also socializing informally as well as through planned events.  As we would expect, it’s another great group of people with the Heiseys from PA, Olsons from Ontario, Funks from Manitoba, Dycks from Manitoba, Ramers from IN, Wittmers from OH, and Epps from KS.

This week, Mim, Elenore, Ruby and Sieg worked at the Tangerine House doing painting, trim work, installing countertop, and cleaning.  This house is very near completion, and we anticipate a House Blessing soon!

Over on Myrtle Street, Ray, Darlene, Dave, and sometimes Sieg continued to install flooring, countertops, doors, and trim. They also painted.  This house, too, is getting close to completion.

At the Lee Street house, Rich, Rex, Ed, and Ray H did electrical and plumbing work, as well as blocking and framing.  Our CDS friends joined in one day and put in the doors and the last two windows.

It’s not all work and no play here!  The team enjoyed pizza, salad, and cookies Thursday evening in the picnic shelter adjacent to the office trailer in our lovely park where we are camped.  A game of Chronology rounded the evening! Sunday we all attended church in Arcadia at Pine Creek Chapel with the congregation and MDS volunteers there.  The day included a carry-in meal (we contributed fried chicken and two cakes) after the service which gave us great opportunity to visit with the people there.

Sherry for Ray, Mim, Dave, Karen, Ray, Darlene, Rich, Ruby, Rex, Barb, Sieg, Elenore, and Ed.

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