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Throughout another busy week, much progress has been made on our projects.  At Grape Street, the team installed kitchen cabinets and countertops, completed electrical and plumbing work, completed trim painting and final work as well as other touch up painting, installed bathroom accessories, hooked up the stove and refrigerator, and did final cleaning.  All this led to a wonderful time of House Blessing Thursday evening which included the homeowners, some of their family and neighbors, the MDS team, reps from Send Me Missions and Grant Management Division, Hardee Co FL.

Over at Lee St, electrical and plumbing work was done in addition to drywall.

At the Myrtle St house, Ed, Dave, and Fred installed kitchen cabinets, and at the Tangerine St house, Millie, Eleanor, Darlene, and Mim painted, caulked, and painted.

The team enjoyed a wonderful evening Wednesday as guests of the Christian Disaster Service group located in a nearby area.  MDS and CDS have partnered on some work these past weeks.  CDS hosted us for a delicious meal, incredible hospitality, and a hymn sing that was such a great blessing to all!

As the week ended, it was time to say farewell to Fred, Millie, Ed, Ruth, Jim, and Eleanor.  They left with our heartfelt thanks and blessing.  Then, it was time to say “hello” to Sieg, Elenore, Rex, Barb, Rich, Ruby, Ed, and Sherry.  Another great team for another month of service!

Sherry for the Hardee Co team:  Ray, Mim, Jim, Darlene, Dave, Karen, Rich, Ruby, Sieg, Elenore, Rex, Barb, and Ed.

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