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Week two found the Guam volunteers watching Typhoon Bolaven threaten the island instead of working on our project. We worked Monday morning and then had to wait until Friday to continue.

Thankfully the eye of the storm passed by about 30 miles north of us.

It did produce gusty winds and rain and of course some trauma for already traumatized people.

The volunteers left on Saturday grateful for the experience but disappointed with their inability to fully complete the work started on the Everitt home. The hope was to get their home repaired enough for it to be safe to live in until more permanent repairs can be made.

Candy Everitt has provided numerous lunches and snacks. She also cheerfully engages in conversations about her life.

The plan is to finish that project early next week with volunteers who arrived Sunday night from PA, VA, and OR. This group of seven will be here for two weeks.

Herb, our project director is working with FEMA to assess and approve future projects.

A new construction supervisor arrived on Thursday. Gregg Olson will replace Cody Hurst. Gregg will be here until November 25.

Don Yoder

Office Manager

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