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Six new volunteers from California, Montana, Iowa and Pennsylvania arrived on Sunday. They joined the five long term volunteers already on site.

They completed three projects doing roof, window, door and electrical work. As usual, homeowners were extremely grateful and expressed their thanks in a variety of ways.

On Friday our crew worked until after 5:00 hoping to finish a project. Unable to finish, they went back on Saturday morning and completed it. The rest of the day and on Sunday they were able to explore the island of Guam.

Don Lichti, our project director for the past three weeks, left for home on Saturday. He worked hard to ensure work for the following week. Next week we will tear off and replace a roof along the usual windows, doors and electrical work.

The project will close next week. All eleven of us will leave Guam on Saturday. MDS is considering an invitation from FEMA to return in January.

Don Yoder

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