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Work was completed on the Everitt home this week. The final inspection passed and a completed job card was signed. Two different work teams interacted with Candy. She consistently provided snacks and an occasional meal to express her gratitude.

Most of the week was spent replacing a roof for Mercy Escha. Windows and doors were also installed. Several of her grandchildren enjoyed working with our crew.

Our seven volunteers returned home on Saturday as did Herb Hoover, our Project Director.

Don Lichti, our new Project Director arrived from Arizona on Friday. He will be here three weeks.

On Sunday four new volunteers arrived from OR, VA and PA. They joined a volunteer from the last two weeks who agreed to stay an additional two weeks to replace a volunteer who had to cancel due to illness.

We are disappointed that FEMA cannot financially support Canadians here. We will miss the two from MB who had planned to come on Sunday.

We hope to finish the Escha house early next week and begin another yet to be determined project.

Don Yoder

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