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On July 10 we welcomed a group of five hardworking youth and their 2 sponsors from Fairview, Oklahoma.

Most of their week was spent at the camp continuing to take down trees, remove slash, and run it through the chipper. Even though the group was small, they got a lot of work done.

Once again, the locals saw this hard-working group of volunteers and wanted to show their appreciation. Friday morning the day started with a boat ride from an appreciative neighbor of Paul Johnson, from the Colorado MDS Unit.  He invited the youth, sponsors, and cook to go for a ride on his pontoon boat on Lake Granby. He pointed out the different Mountain Peaks surrounding the lake, a bald eagle and nest, osprey and geese. The water was very smooth and very cold that time of day, but it didn’t keep the boys from jumping in for a quick swim.

After their morning excursion on the lake they once again headed to the camp for more log and slash chipping and more work at Mr. Randy’s house.

The group has enjoyed the beautiful scenery, the moose, deer and elk sightings, and some of the adults have even seen some bears. Reflections from the group included: “We couldn’t have done a mission trip in a more beautiful place with such amazing people. The weather was always amazing and the view were stunning. God was definitely at work. The group was covered in new growth everywhere. The fire had destroyed everything. The land was black. God brought color. Flowers were blooming everywhere.”

Next week one of the men from the camp will have a stump grinder and skid steer at camp and the work of getting rid of the stumps will begin. When they saw the height of the fences built, they asked that one more row of logs be added so they can be more easily seen by snowmobile riders this winter. More fences will continue to be built around the perimeter of the camp.

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