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Joining Gordon Baergen from Alberta, who continued to serve as a crew leader, was David King from VA, serving as a crew leader; Michelle & Tim Gerber from OH, serving as assistant and head cook; and Don & Rachel Horst from KS, serving as project director and office manager.   Just as the long-term volunteers came from many different parts of North America, so did our weekly volunteers.  Two from Alberta, one from NC, two from NY and the rest from different parts of PA.  The total number of volunteers this week came to 20.

Our week started out with a bright and sunny day but by Tues. we had light rain, wind, and a drop in temperatures, but this didn’t slow down our energetic crews.  The Bradley crew completed everything from wall and roof sheeting to house wrap, felting, shingling, installation of windows and doors, siding, suffit, as well as framing up the front porch and putting the deck on.   Our other crew had the task of doing final touch up things at the Welch house including the laying of paving stones for a lovely walkway from the street to the house.  They also added a paving stone walkway at the Cropper house.  At the Beachy house they hung storm doors, screens, bath accessories, closet doors and shelves.

Highlights of the week included the tasty meals prepared by Tim and Michelle who also introduced us to some of the local cuisine.   Diligent puzzle solving and competitive card games with lively conversations filled our evenings.

Next week we anticipate having the Welch and Beachey houses ready for dedication as well as moving ahead on the Bradley and Shallcross houses.

Rachel for the Crisfield team

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