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This was the 1st week of MDS Leadership for J Loren Yoder Project Director), Henry Shellenberg (Construction Supervisor) Stu Landis (Crew Leader) Millie & Walt Kurtz (Head and Assistance Cooks) Wanda Yoder (Dessert and Bread maker extraordinaire) and Starla Landis (Office Manager). It was the final week of Laverne Delp’s 2-week service as Crew Leader.

18 Volunteer from Saint Olive Christian Reform Church traveled many hours from the Holland, Michigan area for their 1st experience with MDS.  Many in this group have served together on relief mission trips since they were in Middle School and now spend their College Spring breaks on Mission projects.

The rain created a challenging weather week that made the job sites very muddy, but the group had a great attitude!

The Heath house was the focus of the group this week as they worked to complete the steep front roof in between the rain. On the ground and inside were many volunteers cleaning up debris, drywalling, fixing floors, installing LVP.  Outside some of the siding was removed and reinstalled and an exterior door put in place.

At the Morgan House electrical service work was completed.

The Bradley House painting was completed under the direction of a skilled college painter. The rear steps were adjusted to meet code.

Finished up the Tyler St Church project with pickets to complete that step job. 

At the Hernandez house, a truckload of sand was delivered and ready for next week’s volunteers to shovel under the house.

We returned to the home of Denise Farrell, and she was so grateful to have the remaining inside chimney removed from 3 floors. Demolition is always a fun project for young and old who like that challenge!

Another familiar homeowner name, Kathrine Beachey, was appreciative of us returning to remove trash from her property and take a dump truck load to the landfill.

Our hearts were all warmed by a message from one of the homeowners, here is a portion of the message we received:

“I stopped by the house a few minutes ago. I was so happy and beyond blessed! So many nice people are still in this world. …… I gave up on the Lord as a child after something happened to me and made me question Him…. Then the Lord spoke “go to Sonny’s” (a local business MDS supports) he knows how to contact all of you and yes it all happened. I cannot express how thankful and blessed I am.”

Starla Landis for the Crisfield MDS team.

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