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This week we had volunteers from PA, DE, and Ontario, Canada!

A group of 6 volunteers from Mellingers Mennonite returned to Crisfield after having served here last March. Jeff and Jane Holly, from Ontario, were just here in January and returned after spending the winter in SC and doing the Office Manger Training in Lititz last week.  Last year illness kept the Ramers away from Crisfield so we are enjoying having them here this week.  Nelson Dagan came from Lancaster, Pa to make us a group of 11.

The Heath house had aluminum flashing applied for a finishing touch to make the house look amazing and preserve it for years to come.  The transformation process continued inside the house with the final sanding of drywall and then painting. Stairs and landing into the back door were built.

Bradley House passed the Blower Door test…..next step Occupancy Permit!  She is eagerly waiting to move in since most of her belongings are in the house as we helped her empty her Pod last week.

At the Hernandez house, HVAC platform, deck and front & back stairs continued to make great progress. Volunteers prepared the block and pushed away the sand for painting. 90 connector straps were nailed into place to secure the house to its new foundation. Over 1000 nails were used! The house is now ready to redo the siding that was removed and finish the deck and steps next week.


Morgan – Finishing up the details….corner cabinet back into corner after some tricky trim work, installed the refrigerator that the homeowner bought for a bargain and one volunteer made her “the happiest woman in the world” when he hooked up the water line!


A new build from this past summer was experiencing some leaking in her bathroom so we were glad to have an experienced volunteer plumber as part of the crew this week to investigate it.


Wednesday evening, we had the privilege of having homeowner, Donna and her friend Tina come share their experiences of growing up and living in Crisfield, MD. Donna expressed her deep gratitude to MDS for all the work completed on her home. We gave her a blanket and a Bible highlighted with some of the MDS Volunteer/LTV favorite verses.


Starla Landis for the Crisfield MDS team.

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