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Long-term volunteers continuing from last week were Tim & Michelle Gerber, serving as head and assistant cooks, Joanne Barta and David King serving as crew leaders, Don & Rachel Horst, serving as the project director and office manager.  Weekly volunteers this week were from Washington DC and Harrisonburg, VA.  Even though there were some variables in our coming and going, overall, the team total came to sixteen.

Back porch steps were built at the Beachy house as well as air leaks to the house sealed up to comply with the blow test inspection.  At the Bradley house, additional caulking was done, and many more pickets were cut and installed, railing and treads added until the ramp was completed.  The front porch, steps and siding were worked on at the Shallcross house.  Drywall was installed in one bathroom and two of the bedroom ceilings.  The above ground swimming pool was drained and moved at the Morgan house as well as the last of the baseboard heating system removed.

Highlights of the week included celebrating Thanksgiving, which began in the morning by singing a song seven-year-old Noah wrote while traveling to Crisfield and in the evening, enjoying a full-fledged Thanksgiving meal prepared by Tim & Michelle.  On Wednesday evening, incoming long term volunteers Lisa & Marv Goossen from NB as well as Diane & Doug Garrett from PA arrived to take over the helm.  On Thursday we woke up to flooded streets after Wednesday’s rain.  It was very evident that flooding, even after a moderate rain, happens very quickly here.

Next week preparation will continue for the elevation of the Morgan house as well as continued work on the ramp and drywall at the Shallcross house.

We always marvel at how the right people show up at the right time to carry out God’s work.  This happened this week when a neighbor offered to load the large chunks of concrete in Annette’s back yard into our dump trailer with his mini hoe.  This is a very needed task and greatly appreciated.  An encouraging way to end our four weeks here.

Rachel for the Crisfield team

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