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The long-term crew of J. Loren, Stu & Starla, Walt & Millie and Nevin handed off the baton to the March long-term crew of Verne and Joyce from Pennsylvania, Lois from New York, Josie from Ohio, David from New York and Paul from Pennsylvania. A great group of fifteen weekly volunteers joined us this week. The group included nine men and one woman from Mellinger’s Mennonite Church in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, a young couple from Washington Boro, Pennsylvania, two girls from Eastern Mennonite University and one gentleman from Maryland.

These hard-working volunteers tackled two new build projects as well as a few repair jobs. Some of the group launched work on new build #9 house, installing pads, floor joists and rim boards. They framed all the walls, set roof trusses and worked on the deck floor.

Another group made significant progress at new build #8. They sanded floor joints, laid flooring and put in baseboards. They installed the kitchen cabinets, including cupboard door knobs. They built window casings and door jambs, installed one of the doors and prepared opening for dryer vent.

At repair job #13, some of the group finished drywalling, painted and worked on baseboard. They cleaned up odds and ends to complete repair job #13. The girls had fun naming the rooms in this house! Other repair jobs included repairing the bathroom ceiling and caulking corners at house #10, as well as ramp work at house #5. They caulked around sprinkler heads and lights in preparation for an inspection at house #6. We were glad the blower door inspection passed at house #6 and house #7. Subcontractor, Delmarva Insulation, took care of the blown attic insulation this week at house #8. Next week, we will continue work on the two new builds.

We were fortunate that one of the weekly volunteers had a birthday this week. We celebrated with home-made cinnamon rolls for everyone!

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