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This week we said goodbye to Janis Ott, a crew leader that has been in Crisfield for 2 months.  He will be heading to Fresno, California for the annual celebration, then continuing his year-long program with MDS.

We entertained 11 young adults from Conrad Grebel University College this week.  A couple of the students brought guitars and we enjoyed several evenings of hymns and singing.  Many of the students had schoolwork, so there was a lot of quiet time after the evening meals. But we did get in some game time as well.

In the Crisfield area, wooden ramps & stairs plus the cement blocks need to be sealed against the weather. The teams were sealing wooden ramps, decks, stairs & railings on several of the houses that were completed 6-12 months ago.  On Friday one of the clients, Ms. Hazel Cropper, gave us lessons on how to pick the meat out of crabs.  Hazel Cropper has won many honors for her speed and agility at shelling crabs, including a Guiness World Record. So we literally “learned from the best”!

The Hernandez house is being prepared for the house movers to come back and set the house down onto the cement block walls that were installed last week. Termite barrier and sealer plates were installed, and several loads of sand were shoveled into the basement area under the house to help control problems with standing water.

Steve Rhodes, our Assistant Cook for February, was invited to lead the congregation at Holly Grove Mennonite Church in a couple of hymns on Sunday.

Dee Bell for the MDS Crisfield team!

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