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For the final week of the Summer Youth Programin Crisfield, eight youth and five adults came from the Neffsville Mennonite Church, Neffsville, PA.  Joining us on the leadership team was Tom Fry from Gilbertsville, PA, serving as a crew leader for the drywall work.  Midweek, the Bombergers joined us before the Peifers lefton Wednesday, so our total volunteers for Wednesday was 22 but the rest of the week, 20.

On Monday, Jay installed the new tarp on the dump trailer, Ellie went through all the First Aid kits, checking for things that were outdated.  At the Welch house, Maynard Hostetler got several started on hanging the drywall. Tom took it to the finish line after he arrived.  Completion of thepickets and railing on the handicap ramp as well as building the back stephappened this week.  At the Beachy house, the last window was installed,wall closed in for the tankless water heater, gable end closed in, siding and soffit hung.  Shelves were put up and headboards installed at the Sterling house.

Highlights of the week included learning how to use tools new to the youth and developing the skills to use them.  Dashing to the beach in the evenings, for time in the water, was very refreshing too.  Some of the group enjoyed going to Jordan’s crab shack to learn about the soft crab work.  A strong thunderstorm came through on Tues. evening, so we had to cancel our arrangements to tour the Ward Brothers Workshop but did get a special tour the next evening of the J Millard Tawes Historical Museum that included a large display of decoys carved by the Ward brothers.

Since there are no volunteers scheduled to be here over the next two weeks, we do not have plans for the upcoming week.

All four of the youth groups this month were from Pennsylvania.  The eagerness of the youth to learn new skills and devote a week during their busy summer schedules, to serve with MDS, was great to see.  We look forward to more occasions when we can serve together, restoring hope to those suffering loss from disasters.

Rachel, on behalf of the other long-term volunteers, Don, David, Leo, Tom, Anita and Sovilla

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