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Nine energetic young men from Grant County Wisconsin spent the week in Crisfield. Their work included prepping a site for a foundation for a new build, getting a damaged home ready for insulation and drywall, and completing a punch list for a home nearing completion.

A grateful home owner donated oysters and crab cakes that were carefully prepared and served from our MDS kitchen. The Wisconsin volunteers also took home an ice chest full of donated seafood.

Next week a group of volunteers from Dayton Virginia will be here. On Monday a foundation will be laid. Later in the week walls and trusses will be delivered. Final work will be done on another nearly completed new home.

Long term volunteers include Vern Geissinger-project director; Leo Martin-crew leader; Don Yoder-office manager; Em Yoder-head cook; Joyce Geissinger-assistant cook; Miriam Martin-long term volunteer.

Don Yoder

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