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This week we had a delightful and hardworking group of (young) Old Order Mennonite women from the New York Finger Lakes region.  A married couple from Nebraska continued their service into a second week.  There were a lot of good times and good singing during the week. 

Work on the Bradley home advanced this week, with drywall hanging.  We also continued working on the Shallcross home, where painting was completed, flooring laid, cabinets installed and interior trim carpentry begun.     

Work continued on the Morgan home, which is the MDS’s first house lifting project in Crisfield. 

This week block was laid under the structure by a group of Amish volunteers from Delaware.  When work is resumed in the beginning of 2024 the structure will be lowered onto the new foundation and will be secured to it.  There will be additional work once the lifting phase has been completed. 

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