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During the week of Oct 2-6 we had 14 volunteers who came from Indiana. These were young people who worked hard and also played hard. They were fun to watch as they interacted together.

We worked on 3 homes this week. Mary’s home was started back in spring and was on hold for the summer, now we’re back at completing the renovations which were started. Mary has an interesting place as she lives close to the Peace River which was in flood conditions. Her driveway was covered in water which reached the top of the boots! Our creative people did not let that stop them, they loaded the wheelbarrow with tools and supplies needed and wheeled them in. After a week of hard work there were only a few things left to complete. Oh, did I say that they were on the lookout for alligators’ as they were walking down the driveway! Fortunately, none were spotted. Frederick’s home needed some flooring, trim, plumbing, roofing and a few other touch ups. Most of the tasks were completed except for some missing materials for the roof. Coming to Frederick’s you could be greeted by a real live possum living on the porch, yup, stay clear or you may be growled at! Jeanette’s home needed some interior ceiling water damage repair and also some trim outside. The crew was diligent and mostly completed, some painting left to complete her home. We also helped Ray at the Hardy County RV start up. There was a baby excavator which Mike enjoyed operating, like a kid in a candy store!

A touching moment at Jeanette’s occurred when Nate (who wore a straw hat) left his hat for Jeanette, a moment to remember! She was very appreciative of his jester.

Next week the plans are to complete the tasks started this week and move on to new and exciting experiences, never a dull moment!

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