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Another week of helping homeowners has come and gone and much has been accomplished again. We had a much smaller group this week which spanned most of North America, from New York to California to Manitoba! They, along with the long-term volunteers, helped toward completion of assignments for this week.

Mary’s home was on the list to try to complete this week and for the most part there was success. The water tank was hooked up, window trim was completed and painted, baseboards were installed and painted, and Mary’s home is mostly complete. Mary commented on how thankful and blessed she is for having the MDS volunteers there to help her!

Frederick’s home started out with getting a new roof this week, but we quickly were short of materials. We received the remainder of the roofing Thursday, so the roofing was completed on Friday! No more water leaking though the roof!

Jeanette’s home needed the ceiling drywall painted and the challenge was to tie the old ceiling spackle with the new, and a big challenge it was! Not too big for Bill though and the work was completed.

We also did some finishing touches for the church members of the Pine Creek Chapel where we are staying. After looking back at the week, we did not have many volunteers, but much was accomplished. MDS Arcadia and the clients are so thankful for the volunteers that give of their time to be here!

As we left Mary’s home today, she expressed her deep gratitude for MDS helping her get back to her home, you could see that her comment came from the depth of her heart!

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