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Another week with a group of fun-loving volunteers helping homeowners has come and gone. Much work was accomplished with several jobs completed or very near completion. Every evening when the volunteers shared about their workday, it always included much appreciation expressed to them from the homeowners.

The week started with a non-typical MDS job which involved removing a church steeple and repairing a roof for a local church. This church houses a ministry called “The Crossing Ministries” – a ministry to help set people free from the bondage of addictions.

Frederick’s home repairs were finished early in the week, and his job is now complete! He is extremely grateful for all the help he received.

A yard cleanup job was done for Marylyn – started and completed in one day. This resulted in three trailer loads being taken to the landfill. Ask Laura what “treasures” she found. There were at least three on display at supper!

Mary’s home is very near completion, awaiting an order for a few remaining pieces needed to finish. Screens were made and installed during the week. She is so appreciative for all MDS volunteers have done for her!

Jose’s house repairs began with removing and installing a new front door and installing a new water heater. Some of the crew cleaned up the site, which involved a few more trips to the landfill. The kitchen cabinets were set in place and countertops installed. New skirting was also put around the outside of the home.

Robert and Kerri were very appreciative to have their project started with cleanup done both inside and outside their home. Carpet was removed and floorboards cleaned.

We are looking forward to the new group of volunteers that will be coming next week to continue with these many projects. Our volunteers are committed to sharing the love of Christ with the homeowners by being His hands and feet, whether that means installing a new kitchen or hauling trash to the landfill. They willingly do either.

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